Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My lucrative talent

I have discovered a lucrative talent. The thing may be sunning on a sidewalk, hiding in a shadow, resting on a grate, or trembling in a parkinglot. Chances are I'll find that thing and add it to my collection. Yep, I'm a penny-finder.
But on to more useful topics. I've found Quicken to be a great way to find more than just pennies: this software (with help from you, of course!) can keep track of exactly where your money is going. With a few clicks you can generate a pie-chart itemizing your expenses during the last year.
I've found this extremely useful, because my mind is about as memory-tight as a piece of filter paper. Flood it with too much to keep track of, and finances just go zipping away.
So, that's why I'm recommending Quicken to you -- you no longer have to try to remember what percentage of your paycheck is going where. Granted, most of you reading this blog probably already use it, so if that's true for you, here's a grin -- :-) -- for you!
Whether you're a penny-finder or a penny-tracker, Quicken's got something for you. You can enter every penny you find (bliss!), and enter every penny you spend (blue blistering barnacles!). It's the best way I've found to be your own accountant.

(Hmm.... after reviewing this post, my guilty conscience is reminding me that I need to update my Quicken information. My wallet's so swollen with receipts it's positively pudgy!).

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Campaign Shots

Is s/he right on the issues? Is s/he presidential? Is s/he electable?
Forget that! Is s/he photogenic?

See some good campaign shots by navigating here, then clicking on "Candid Candidates: the Best of the Worst."

I gotta say, it made my day.