Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Email stew

A while ago I went to the undergrad "Quad Day" and signed up for countless groups. I freely gave my email address out. Now, the groups have been emailing me like crazy. I did try out for the girls' a capella group (the Rip Chords), singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." Sadly (or beneficially, depending on your viewpoint), I failed the audition. It probably didn't help that I used a piece of paper to doublecheck my words. Ha!

Let's get back on topic. What would you do if these emails were floating in your inbox?

1-----(from the School of Metaphysics)

Society for Intuitive Research Grand Meeting

Greetings all,

This is just a friendly reminder that we will be meeting this Thursday (9/7/06) at 7PM on the Quad-side steps of Foellinger Auditorium. If you trust in the weather forecast, it appears that it will be a beautifully sunny day.
And remember, come prepared with any strange/interesting dreams that you have been able to remember as of late.

Have an Admirable Day,

2-----(from an Israli Club)
Metallic Blues
Israeli Movie Night Premiere

Come to the first of many Israeli movies playing at
Hillel this semester!!!  

Metallic Blues is a road-movie about two Israeli car dealers who buy a
vintage American-made limousine hoping to get rich quick by selling it in Hamburg. What they encounter along the way are unexpected truths about friendship, reconciliation, and the ghosts of Germany’s dark past.

Would you go?


api said...

I hope you got at least some emails with more meat than those two. Pretty sad.

eve said...

Well, at least my mom sends some good emails!