Monday, March 12, 2007

Ogre of the Universe

Tonight I felt like the ogre of the universe. I messed up on the copper sulfate/sodium ascorbate/alkyne solution I was making, so everything was worthy of grouchiness.
Am I short-sighted, or what? My uncle has a brain tumor, my aunt has taken on a new job, my sister and Mom just ended spring break and started back to classes... there's so many more things important than my stupidity. Why can't I ever just realize that?
But no, I trump up my "setbacks," and forget about the bigger problems that people around me are facing: a grandmother dying, an uncle being diagnosed with cancer, brothers and sisters in India and other countries enduring persecution, and the list goes on.
In short, whenever I try once again to become ogre (or is it ogress?) of the world -- I need to take a look around me.
Then my pitiful self will realize: you need to stop your stupidity.

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