Sunday, April 08, 2007

Mac? PC?

I just read an interesting post by a LAPTOP writer.
He describes his two-week long "test drive" of a jet-black Macbook.
While I currently own (and adore) my own Macbook, it wasn't a hard decision to choose it, given that I have used a Mac ever since I can remember. What this author shows is a completely different approach, since he's oh-so-used to Windows operating systems!

I've got to thank my dad, brother, and grandmother for introducing me to a computer that's a joy to use. Thanks so much!

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eve said...

(This is a post from my parents)

You can thank Dr. Stoffer, your dad's advisor in Graduate School. I'm not sure how he decided to get Apple computers for the lab but I do know that that was the beginning for your dad's adventures into
computer programming, interfacing and yes, gaming. In fact gaming
became such a problem (not just with your dad) that Dr. Stoffer had to BAN all games from the lab. A friend of one of your dad's lab mates kept bringing in pirated games. Remember this was in the 64 KB days. Amazing what programmers were able to accomplish with so little memory.
Great imaginations!