Friday, August 01, 2008

Meet My Friend, Amber Guity

Have you ever used an ambiguous word?  Yeah?  So have I. 
Why'd you use it?

Usually when I resort to ambiguous words, I don't know what I mean, but I'm hoping that you do.  It's a verbal "Make Your Own Adventure."

And sometimes it works!  The person I'm talking to adds meaning to my non-meaning, and if all goes well, they like the meaning they've constructed.  If I'm talking to a group of people, there's the chance that most everyone will construct a meaning that they like, and run with it.  It spares me the trouble of figuring out what would best suit them, and it allows everyone to tailor their own version of meaning.  It's called "Happiness on the cheap."

It's those off-times that burn, though.  When the person either doesn't like the meaning they've construct from the too-little information I provided, or they ask the cards-on-the-table question, "What do ya mean?" the game's up.

As comfortable as I have sometimes been in my haze of ambiguity, I really think it's better when someone forces me to be forthright.  If I actually know what I mean, but I chose poor words, I get a second chance to explain.  If my head really was stuffed with giant white cotton balls like it sounded, at least the truth's out.

So from one convalescent to another, I think somebody needs to ask Obama "What do ya mean by 'Change'?"

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