Tuesday, September 02, 2008

True Humility

My mom recently wrote to me about humility.  It was so good!!!
Humility.  Humble ourselves before the LORD and He will lift us up and put us before Kings and Leaders and College Presidents.  It is interesting to me that Christlike humility included proclaiming Truth and walking on water and taking a whip to the evil He saw in the Temple.  Not at all the effeminate, weakling that it seems to me some Christians want Him to be.   Did He turn the other cheek.  Sure.  He expects us to do the same.  We are not to be offended at people who disagree with us.  We are not to step all over others on the attempt to get ahead in life.  We are not to look with contempt on anyone.  That is turning the other cheek.  Not this crazy idea of not wanting to discuss "controversial" issues or think we do know something more than others if they are not willing to use the Bible for their source book.  Jesus got in trouble for speaking with authority.  We will, too.  We have the authority to speak against evil because God gave us His written word.  We can know right from wrong and proclaim it.

My two cents.  Love,  mom

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