Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Welcome to Irrationality.

The propaganda about socialized medicine is hitting the med school hard and fast.  The last two times I was in the med school building (last week and today), I was assualted by socialized medicine propaganda.  Last week it was signs plastered everywhere announcing the showing "Salud" (Spanish for "health"), which celebrates the socialized medical system of -- brace yourself -- Cuba.  Today it was a free health magazine that shows a blue pill and a red pill: Obama and McCain's health plans characterized as "universal healthcare" versus "free market." 
     I've got a problem with social engineers highlighting "crises" that "only they" know how to fix.  And their fix inevitably involves increased government control, i.e. less freedom for citizens.  Cases in point: global warming/climate change and the supposed "healthcare crisis."  If Al Gore or Obama don't cast their respective issues as crises, then no citizen in his right mind would consider the "solution" being presented.  But what happens if anyone tries to challenge the claim that either of these issues is a crisis?  Let's see, I've heard more about the results of challenging the climate change dogma.  In that case, a person's called a "denier," and reminded that "the debate is over."  The healthcare debate is being framed in terms of compassion, and since this is becoming so ingrained, anyone denying universal health coverage is likely to be seen as a heartless person keeping people's rights (especially children's rights) from them.
    (And to be fair, the economic upheaval we're seeing isn't made up by social engineers.  It really is a crisis.  But so many times the social engineers rush to bring forward "solutions" without accurately addressing the cause of a crisis.  And how can a realistic solution be develped unless the cause of a problem is known?  Can the (actual or imagined) crises of climate change, healthcare, and the economy all stem from evil, big business (industrial factories, insurance companies, Wall Street)?  Is that what we're actually supposed to believe?  C'mon, only Marxists-Leninists believe that every problem results from the clash between the upper and lower classes.  Americans need to critically evalute these acutal or imagined crises and understand the actual causes.  (And ask themselves why many actual crises -- the holocaust of abortion, the rampage of STDs, the epidemic of school shootings, the assualts on free speech, the flagrance and aggressiveness of homosexuality, the kowtowing to Islam -- are worsening under the radar while so many Americans are so concerned about the real issues: obesity, smoking, diversity-training, and tolerance.)  Are Americans only to care about those issues highlighted by the mainstream media?  Are they to gain their understanding of an issue through the media's presentation of a fuzzy "cause" and the absolutely necessary "solution"?   Who wants to be a mindless minion that can be mobilized at will by a manipulative media?)

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