Monday, August 14, 2006

Dangerously Armed -- with a dull pencil

I'm reproducing here a letter I just sent to my parents. But first, there's an incredible image of a pencil lead:

Reference: SEM image

Well, hey there!
Good talking to you on the phone!
I'm so very, very glad I don't have any tests tomorrow.
Though, I will tell you, my rate of P.Chem comprehension seemed to increase as the time before the exam decreased. Even though last night I was pretty much tanked and had to crash on my bed, this morning I didn't want to put the PChem book down and go brush my teeth -- stuff was finally making sense!

The Adamson book helped explain the big picture better, I found. It also seemed more organized by showing equations specific for adiabatic, isothermal, and other processes in lists.

It helped to have both books, though. Levine likes to present details and usually does a good job, but sometimes he gets bogged down!

So now I just hope I passed! AHHHHHHH! 'Cause if I didn't, then Adamson and Levine and I will have to become much better friends.

Thank you VERY, VERY much for praying for me! Once I was planted in my seat and clutching my dull pencils, with bloodshot eyes (not really) watching the minute hand on the clock, waiting for the test to start, I started added up all the things that could have kept me from taking the test. I could have overslept, I could have had problems with my bike, I could have gotten run over by the MTA bus... and that's only a few possibilites!

Love you!!!!!!!

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