Thursday, August 03, 2006

Preschool Determinism?

This may warm the cockles of your heart. But then again, it might not.
I'm talking about a recent study from Berkeley -- "Nursery School Personality and Political Orientation Two Decades Later."
One of my mom's friends brought it to her attention, and I thought I'd pass on the favor. The full text can be found at: Determinism? The study was carried out by Jack Block and Jeanne H. Block.

Here's a quote from the abstract: "Preschool children who 20 years later were relatively liberal were characterized as: developing close relationships, self-reliant, energetic, somewhat dominating, relatively under-controlled, and resilient. Preschool children subsequently relatively conservative at age 23 were described as: feeling easily victimized, easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited, and relatively over-controlled and vulnerable."

For the sake of levity, let's assume that the findings of this study are completely verifiable. If this was the case, I'd be blown away by the complete reversal in a liberal's attitude. At 3, they are "self-reliant." At 23, they look to the government to protect them and provide for them. At 3, they are "energetic" and "resilient." At 23 they advocate peacekeeping forces in various countries and U.S. military surrender and immediate withdrawal in Iraq.

By 23, many liberals have learned to characterize themselves and others as victims ("Bush lied, kids died,"); they have learned to take offense at the wit of writers such as Ann Coulter; they have become indecisive, wavering between lipservice to patriotism and support of appeasement policies; fearful of imminent man-induced global warming; rigidly supportive of their abortion "sacrament"; inhibited by their defense of evolution; and vulnerable to the truth.

BTW -- if you'd rather not read this article, I suggest "Godless" by Ann Coulter, and "None Dare Call in Education" by John Stormer.

Note the depiction of one person in red, and another in blue. The grey person can only be assumed to be an independent.
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