Friday, October 27, 2006

Gotta pencil? I Think I'll Vote Tink.

(In case that title was inscrutable, this post is all about write-in candidates.)

The Secretary of State for Indiana has his own website. You can access general election information, info for poll workers, and a bunch of other things at this site. There's also a list of all the candidates, including write-in candidates: November 7, 2006 General Election Candidate Filings. The “write-ins” are labeled with the letters W/I.

The write-in candidates' names don't appear on the ballot. Instead, there's a line labeled "write-in." When you pencil in a valid write-in candidate's name, it counts. If you pencil in a name for someone who's not a valid write-in candidate (say, "Tinkerbell"), your vote doesn't count. Since no list or write-ins is provided at the polling booth, if you plan on voting for a write-in, write down their name (or memorize it) before you get to the voting booth.

For information on these candidates (and their opponents), see their own, personal websites.
Many of these are provided at this Radio Now

U.S. Senator Write-ins:
Jack H. Baldwin (no party listed on the write-in list, but identified as a Democrat at the Radio Now site; no website found)
Mark Pool (Independent)

Secretary of State Write-in:
Bill Stant (Green)

U.S. Representative, District 5 (mine)
John Miller (Independent)

U.S. Representative, District 7
John Leroy Plemons (Independent; no website found)

U.S. Representative, District 9
Donald W. Mantooth (Republican; no website found)

Also, I just found the official website of Dan Burton, so I will include it here.

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