Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Well, I shook hands on it yesterday. I'm officially in a lab. I have a desk, and little clue of what I'm doing. But I have some great friends in the lab, and I really respect the advisor. And I'm not a floating spirit anymore. One undergrad in the lab saw me with my papers spread out everywhere as I was grading. She asked me where I used to grade, and I said, "Random benches." That was true! One night I plopped down on a bench that happened to be in front of an elevator. Somebody came by and said, "Hi, my name's _________. You've been there for 2 hours!!!"

One girl felt sorry for me while I was sitting on another bench another day. She even offered to let me sit in their lab!

So, yes, I've entered my indentured servitude. Hopefully I'll be out before I'm in dentures.

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