Monday, May 21, 2007

Getting hot?

Polar bears drowning. Glaciers melting. Penguins sunburning. Depending on who you listen to, you may...

1) be convinced global warming is not occurring.
2) be trying to find what's fact, what's hype, and what's blatant falsehood.
3) not care.
4) be convinced that global warming is occurring, humans are predominantly responsible, and nations or the UN should step in with extreme measures to curb global warming.
5) be somewhere else in your ideas.

Clear and Present Dangers talks about social engineers who use seeming crises to manipulate citizens. With every assurance that "all" scientists support the idea of global warming, I grow less sure of it. It's going to take more than Mr. Gore's melodrama to convince me!

The place I'm looking today is a series on "The Deniers" of global warming. The series was written by Lawrence Solomon for the National Post. Even the first few paragraphs show some of the names and credentials of qualified people questioning the establishment. You can take a look.

(Image source is here. No animals were harmed in the course of writing this blog.)

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