Saturday, June 09, 2007

A few definitions

Avarice: that's when you eat the entire pack of pretzels before anyone can see what you are doing.
Beatitude: that's when your attitude matches up with what Christ wants it to be.
Coulomb: that's when a military coup is sprung in Lombardy.
Dominion: that's why we put broccoli in the freezer, and broccoli doesn't put us in the freezer.
Evidence: that's what we want to "see" -- "video" L. "I see" -- in order to be convinced
Flimsyness: that's when a Kleenex disintegrates when it gets wet (and why you don't wash your pants with the Klennex still in the pockets).
Generous: that's what a person gives you a quarter for a cart at Aldi's when you don't have one.
Harpooning: that's what we're supposed to be doing, as fishers of men.
Indifference: that's when you ignore the fact that there's only 2 sheets of paper left in the office printer.
Jalopeno: that's what you don't want to get lost in your salad at Mike's Pizza.
Kelvin: that's when "0" is really cold.
Luminary: that's what Jesus Christ is.
Macroscopic vs. microscopic: that's when you look at the structure of citric acid while you put vitamin C into your mouth.
Naval Natal: that's when you have your birthday while at sea.
Opulent: that's what my God is: He owns every head of cattle on every single hill!
Pluralistic: that's what our society claims to be, while being singularly bent on Satan-serving.
Queenly: that's what Mother Earth purports to be; but "Mother Earth" must bow to King Jesus.
Realistic: that's what a 64-oz. drink from the gas station is.
Surrealistic: that's what watching your brother or your friend get married is.
Tested: that's what the disciple's life must be.
Undivided: that's what our hearts must be.
Vestige: that's what's left of the world's knowledge of God.
Watching: that's what our eyes should be doing, 'til Jesus comes.
Xenophobic: that's what the Hollywood crowd is when someone like Mel Gibson makes a movie like the Passion.
Yarmouth: that's when a kitten sucks on a ball of string.
Zealous: that's what we're must be, for the glory of God!

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