Monday, July 02, 2007

Advice to kill

Some folks in my lab have taken to referring to the Internet as a "he." When we're debating the names of the McDonalds characters, we "ask Internet" to see what "he" thinks.

There's a lot of lighthearted information on the web, but then there's also... advice to terrorists?

This article has portions of a manual posted by terrorists for terrorists.

The manual, which is written in Arabic, advises potential car-bombers to avoid attracting attention by obeying parking signs. It also recommends the speed a carbomber should approach their target.

Yaakov Lappin, the author of the article, notes:

Due to the large number of British Muslims who are affiliated with al-Qaeda, some terror plots have not been picked up on the radar screens of UK security forces, including the botched car bombings in London on Friday, and the subsequent attack on Glasgow's airport on Saturday. Those attacks showed, however, that the cell which carried them out is unsophisticated, and that its members are in the 'kindergarten' stage of complex jihadi capabilities, despite the attempts of veteran al-Qaeda commanders to communicate their experience and tactics around the world.

Image source:; retrieved 7/2/07

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