Wednesday, July 18, 2007

War -- It's On

At least Muslims realize a war between worldviews is on...
A lot of Americans seem to think that if we just ignore the Muslims, they'll just leave us alone -- that the war in Iraq is not linked to our security here at home.

This is so strange to me: in WWII, if we had turned tail during our engagement with Hitler's army, would we have expected him to forget about us?

Aren't Muslims at least as interested in world dominion as Hitler was?

And where is the regard for occupied nations, and the implications for these people if US troops withdraw?

How is that America's spin doctors can use the word "withdrawal" and Americans do not equate this with "defeat"?

How is that

The Nietens' son has a website at
He posted Osama's letter to America from 2002, which includes a detailed description of why muslims fight...

Here it is: Why We Fight.

God bless you all.

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