Tuesday, January 08, 2008

There's a problem

There's a problem with Ron Paul.
He makes all of the other Republican candidates look bad.

Without Paul's emphasis on the constitution, and the reform of the IRS and other bloated government growths, it might be easier to consider Romney, McCain, Huckabee, or (dare I say it?) Giuliani.

With Ron Paul standing firm on so many issues, I cannot help but sigh as I see who else is in the running.

And I'm not alone.  I just watched a clip showing the interview of two college gals -- one a Republican, and one a Democrat.  CNN newscasters had them on the show on August 24, 2007 to chat about the 2008 Presidential elections briefly.  The first question that came up was basically: who do you think the frontrunner for your party will be?  The Republican gal (bless her heart) said:  "I really think he's a sound traditional conservative.  I really think he really sticks to the Constitution, and he really stands for what conservatives believe in."  The newscaster was noticeably stunned, and after some stuttering and unnecessary comments about Paul not having a chance, asked the gal which top-tier Republican would be most likely.  
         So then they turned to the Democrat.  When she was asked the same question, she said that it didn't matter who was elected, as long as it was a Democrat.  In her own words, "It doesn't really matter who gets the ticker because anybody could be a better president than President Bush at this point, and let's focus on just a Democrat winning in 2008..."  Even after being asked again who she would pick, she said, "I'd pick a Democrat."  One of the CNN newscasters then asked, would it matter if the candidate were Porky Pig.  The gal responded that that was taking things a little far.  The newscaster responded with, then it does matter who the candidate is!
        (Personally, I wonder what poor Porky thinks about this.  After all, has he ever voted Democratic?)
         The second question posed to the students was -- what is the most important in this issue.  The Republican saw Social Security as the most important issue.  The Democrat said that Democrats are so well educated that they don't have to stick to any one issue.
"We can't really be pegged to one issue at this point we're so educated and ready to go."
        I find it interesting that the Republican spoke in the first person singular (I), while the Democrat spoke in first person plural (we).  And I've got to admit that at least on one point, I agree with the Democratic student.  I think she would pick a Democrat.

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