Friday, March 27, 2009

Time's Jet Engine

Time flies.  And it doesn't have softly beating feathery wings.  It's got a jet engine.

When the car pulls away and my family's gone, I always wish I'd listened more, loved more, heard more, cared more in those few seconds that we were together.  But life's like that: it gives you little tastes of what you want so you won't forget how much better the real thing will be.

I want to be with my family now, but what I really want is to never be separated.  That's going to happen in Heaven.
I want to understand what they're saying now, and love them more and more and more.  What I really want is perfect hearing and perfect love for them.
That's going to happen in Heaven.

Thank you, Lord, for making time.  And thank you for giving it a limited supply of gas.

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