Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creationists in Urbana!

So I'm church hunting again.  I found a neat church that has a nursinghome and foodpantry ministries.  It's also Wesleyan.  Cool beans!  It's First Wesleyan Church on 408 E. Illinois St., and it has Sunday School or a Traditional service at 9:30, and Sunday School or a Contemporary Service at 11:00.  They hosted a town hall meeting with Dave Ramsey to talk about the economy.

This was a mighty blessing to find.  But I wondered: are there any churches active on creation/evolution?  I searched for "Ken Ham Urbana IL" and found that Robert Gilbert from Calvary Baptist Church was number 64 on the Creation Letter Project.  Woohoo!  He's not the "pastor" of this church, though.

Hmmm... decisions!!!!

Wow: Look at this: "Teenager/Young Adult Bible Study
When:  Sundays, 9:45 AM
Led by:  Mike Beadle

In the world today our faith is under constant attack. This Bible Study will focus on equipping ourselves with knowledge to defend our faith. With a greater understanding of God's Word we will be better prepared to face the post-modern culture in which we live. Some of the issues we will be discussing include evolution, environmentalism, genetic engineering, sexual ethics and the media and how all of these relate to our Christian faith."  Isn't that cool!  This wa taught last fall at Trinity Lutheran Church in town!

And woah!

"Bible Study and Discussion:  Politics and Christianity
When:  Tuesdays (Sept. 9 and 30, Oct. 14 and 28, Nov. 11) 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Place:  At the church
Led by:  Bob McColley and Ken Davis

            Sept. 09:          The Gospels.  What Jesus teaches.
            Sept. 30:          The Epistles.  What St. Paul teaches.
            Oct. 14:           The Old Testament. Jewish reverence for law.
                                    The political instability of Israel and Judah.
                                    Relevance to modern politics?
            Oct. 28            Election day approaches
                                    What should Christians keep in mind?
            Nov. 11:          Reflections on the election. What great Christian writers teach us about politics:St. Augustine, Luther, C.S. Lewis, others?"

This I've GOT to check out!!!!   I can't believe this!!!!!  WOWOOOWERHZEES!!!!!!!  C.S. Lewis, religion, politics!!!!!  WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!  (As you can see, I'm excited :-)

This church is a member of the Missouri Synod, and this group has articles on many key issues such as homosexuality, abortion, the ordination of women, and creation evolution.  They recognize homosexuality as sin, are against abortion in all cases (even rape and incest) except to save the life of the mother, do not allow the ordination or women, and support creation and intelligent design.  Except for certain elements on the stance on abortion (though at least they said "life," not "health"), I agree wholeheartedly with what they state.   Praise the Lord Jesus!!!!  To give you just a taste of how strong this synod is on creation/evolution, look at the references that Dr. A. L. Barry, the president of the Luther Church-Missouri Synod included in his position paper on this topic: Michael Behe,Darwin's Black Box:The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, William Dembski,Intelligent Design:The Bridge Between Science and Theology, Michael Denton,Evolution:A Theory in Crisis, Carl Wieland,"Darwin's Real Message,Have You Missed It?"Creation Ex Nihilo

I honestly started crying when I saw all this.  God is so good.

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