Saturday, June 06, 2009

Jesus Clears the Temple

It's fun to see the different takes on Jesus' clearing the temple.  We're studying John chapter two in one of our Bible studies, and I found some re-enactments of it on YouTube:


A creative dramatization that uses animated graphics to tell this story.  Amazing!  See for more information, and more examples!

The Gospel of John version, which is excellently done.  2:57 shows the Wedding at Cana, and 6:27 shows Jesus and his disciples entering Jerusalem.

A "silent film" version that compiles action from many different movies.  Somehow, this action is more disturbing when everything is quiet.


Preacher Dan takes on the story, and draws lessons for today.

A man dramatizes the account by reading it aloud.


Kids acting out Jesus storming the temple.  One outspoken adlibber gives this one life. 

Two kids read a script, and one acts out the story with plastic figures.  Most of the talking is boring, but 0:50 - 1:07 is fun.  Watch the girl's face as she clears the table!

Teenage boys in fake beards act out the story.  It's an amalgam of modern and ancient wares, with hounds sold instead of doves.

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