Thursday, May 14, 2009

Go, Ben, Go!

DISCLAIMER: This is in the idea stage!

So we had a meeting about the research symposium today.  The gal who's headed it up for the past three years is letting someone else take it for a whirl.  And there's four of us who have stepped up to help out!  The other three are incredible guys, and today we chatted after the meeting about possible speakers.  One guy had the idea to bring in an MD who does clinical research.  This would make the event more useful for M1s.  Another idea was to bring in Ben Carson!  I'm going to look up his honorarium, to see what kind of cost we're looking at.  It was really neat to see the response when I brought up this idea.  Nobody shot it down.  Instead, we tried to think of ways it could work.  If his cost is really high, someone else had the idea to have him speak twice, to two different groups who could split the fees!  Whether the first speaker or Ben Carson can come, I'm really excited about the prospects!  The keynote speaker is the heart of the event, and I am really excited that this year it's going to be a winner!

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