Friday, May 01, 2009

Oh... that makes sense!

There comes a day when you start realizing why things consistently go the same way.  You start seeing a pattern and start wondering how that pattern's come about.  The explanation comes by recognizing the assumptions you have: the consistently inadequate amount of time you've spent on something, or the unreachable standard that you've set for yourself.  Perfectionism is the ultimate negative thinking: the cup ain't full until it's perfectly full.  No wonder perfectionists never feel satisfied with themselves!  To be completely satisfied with ourselves we'd have to be perfect, and none of us are!

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api said...

OH, OH!!! I am so thrilled to hear you say that. The Joy of the LORD is our strength - not our own abilities or accomplishments. ANything we do accomplish that is worthwhile is because of what our Heavenly Father is helping us with. That is really a message of peace because we can trust Him to help us make a day worthwhile and life have purpose and direction!!! PRAISE HIM.