Monday, July 20, 2009

Guess Who's Number One?

So you're walking down a cold, dark alley when fingers clutch your arm.  You spin to face a man whose features are obscured by the darkness.  He hisses out a single question: "Which state has the most Fortune 500 companies?"  Your mind constricts, then dilates, and you cough out your reflex answer.  You've got no time to guess some way of tailoring your answer to an unknown assailant. 

So what did you say?

New York?  The home of the stock exchange?  Illinois, the setting for the gem that is Chicago?  California, the west-coast wonder?  Nope.  Only if you guessed the lonestarstate, you'd be right.  (I wonder why that fact hasn't been advertised!)  Yessiree, Texas has led the herd for two years running.  So for those of us who don't live where the song of a yellow rose is sung, let's get on the bandwagon.  Low taxes?  Less G-man regulation from a part-time legislature that meets only every other year?  Yippee-yi-yay!

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