Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Christian, and Chemist

I was idly flipping through some past issues of ACS's Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN) when I found a series of letters-to-the-editor in response to a previous editorial about teaching intelligent design in the classroom.  Several of the authors wrote boldly of being Christians, even creationists!  It was amazing to see 1) that these chemists had written, 2) that they were so frank about their beliefs, and 3) that C&EN had published them.

Here's some of the quotes, from different authors:

"I am a chemist by formal training with extensive experience in chemical engineering and consider myself part of the scientifically literate workforce. I also am a Christian who believes in creation, and I do not find these two positions incompatible."

"Opposing intelligent design because it is not a testable hypothesis misses an important point: Science is an organized search for truth in the natural world. It is not an end in itself; truth is the legitimate end. If science shows us that truth in some area lies off the edge of science, we need to go there."  & "It is time we chemists stopped uncritically assuming evolution, and consider what we really know. From there, search for truth."

"I am deeply disturbed that there is no discussion about an appropriate medium for any debate on the observations and theories of evolution. There should not be any theory too precious to science that open discussion of its observations and conclusions is suppressed. Science has no business preaching to anyone of any belief that their ideas and opinions do not count because they are not seen as facts."

"I do not see that protectionism will help the cause of science. The challenges will not go away until they are satisfactorily addressed with rigorous science to either confirm or deny them, and I don't see that the required rigorous proofs have yet been made."

Thanks, God, for showing this to me!!!

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