Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Green Absurdity

A national chemistry conference had this to say on its website:
"Plan to attend the Spring 2010 National Meeting in San Francisco. The city, known for being home to some of the world's most innovative environmental legislation and initiatives, is the most appropriate city for our sustainability program theme.
"By attending symposia, poster sessions, and workshops, meeting attendees will experience the most exciting and cutting-edge research that the field of chemistry has to offer."

This harmonizes with the November 2, 2009 TIMES cover that pronounced "Why California is Still America's Future.  (And That's a Good Thing Too)."

California may be bankrupt, idea-wise and money-wise, but saying that is so un-PC!  Instead of trying to explain how the state ended up in its current predicament, or trying to spin its current lack of -- uh, greenbacks -- we'll avoid all defensive arguments by pretending that there's nothing to defend!  Problems?  What problems?  All praise to California, its lawmakers, its example!  Green laurels on your head, O California!

One thing I do agree with.  San Fran is the most appropriate city for this celebration of absurdity.  But that's hardly a compliment.

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