Saturday, January 09, 2010

Liberal Theology

I flipped open Schaeffer's book and found the following, riveting paragraph.  Wow -- what a point he makes:

    "There is no adulterous woman who has ever been so soiled as the liberal theology, which has had all the gifts of God and has turned away to a worship of something that is as destructive as Molech was to the babies whose parents were led astray from the living God to worship this idol.  We must show love to the man with whom we discuss.  Yes, and we fight for this at L'Abri.  We must fight for the fact that he is not to be treated as less than a man.  Nothing is more ugly than the orthodox man treating another man as less than a man and failing to show that he takes seriously Christ's teaching that all men are our neighbors.  We do not discuss with the liberal only to win, but to help others, and to try to help him as well.  But to treat lightly what liberal theology has done -- not for a moment."  (From p. 146 of the Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer, Volume 4: "A Christian View of the Church.").

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