Friday, January 08, 2010


Jumping over snowdrifts, this is what I came to:

- It only matters if you're playing the game
- I like menial, repetitive work: it gives me time to think
- Writing?
- I'm not a people-person, but I can take people in doses
- I like classifying things
- Librarian?
- I like graphs and figuring out how to present data
- Scientific illustration?
- I love protocols, methods, predictability, and reproducibility
- Analytical chemistry? Programming?
- There's a funny predicament between individuality and belonging:
sometimes I like to know I belong; other times I like to know I'm different and unique
- Anyone can make something more complex, but only some can correctly simplify something
- I care only about certain things, and those things I care about strongly
- Most people won't care about what I care about, but that's okay
- As an introvert, to me, everything's a speech
- It's okay with God if I'm me

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