Monday, September 21, 2009

Ain't They a Baby?

There's a reason why it's called the fetal position.

If you lived in a country where millions of people in your exact innocent situation had been remorselessly killed without legal recourse or benefit of painkillers, and your very personhood was denied, wouldn't you curl up into the fetal position?

What's gotten me mad tonight was a pedigree chart on my biochem slides.  The key showed the standard square for a guy, and a circle for a girl.  But then it showed a symbol that made me stare.  It showed a diamond shape for a "fetus."

This is worse than ignorant.  This is deliberately obfuscating the truth.  Every fetus has a full genome, and has had once since conception.  Why not just man up and show that baby as either a square or a circle, a guy or a girl?  Or are you afraid of the ramifications of this?

It just chills my marrow to see how complete the baby-dehumanizing agenda is -- even within the medical community.

It calls to mind the question one brave soul asked not so many years ago: "Ain't I a woman?"

I hereby name every unnamed male baby in utero Dred Scott, and every unnamed female baby in utero Sojourner Truth.

Ain't they a baby?

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