Thursday, September 10, 2009

Yeah for Nothing, Nothing for Yeah!

Some of the easiest things in life are marked with ten humongous signs starting twenty mile before you get there: "Bump ahead!"  You get there, and say, "I see the sign, but where's the bump?"  A police escort surrounds you as you trot over it with ease, and on the other side there's a huge crowd of people congratulating you... for what?  You try to dodge the paparazzi, but your picture's still printed with the big title "HERO!"

Then some huge, gigantic, life-altering challenge comes along with no warning, no sign, no reassurance.  You crawl over it, clawing with your fingernails and almost despairing of life.  When you reach the other side, you find that you're alone, and no one cares that you got across.

Kinda funny how things work.

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