Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Mighty Mites

     A vast percentage of the students here came from small, liberal arts colleges.  Somehow, knowing that makes you feel a common bond, even if your undergrads are very different.  Some of the students I've met have even more in common: they, too, attended a small, Christian primarily undergraduate institution (PUI).
     I just met three Christian analytical chemistry students.  One of them is from Wheaton (check out their list of recent undergraduate chemistry researchers).  There's also a Pensacola grad starting in our Ph.D. program this fall.  She graduated with two other chemistry majors.  For the first time, our graduating class of five seemed large by comparison!
     I wonder if they ever feel like I did!  During orientation I simply basked in the wonder of sitting in a room with 76 other incoming chemistry majors!

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