Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Who Knew that Craziness Could Be This Good?

You never know when craziness is going to pay off.  Take this afternoon, for instance.  I started looking for a local dentist this afternoon.  I "should" have just stuck to the dentist somebody recommend to me.  The thing was, the website of the dentist somebody'd recommended to me had a link to an episode of The View where Whoopi Goldberg was talking about taking care of your teeth.  Somehow, I didn't want a dentist who watched/posted episodes of The View.

I did a basic search for "dentist CMDA Champaign," and all sorts of wonderful things started happening.  One of the search results was an article written by a local Christian neurologist who stands against human embryonic stem cell research.

It's amazing to see what God is doing, and the funny ways He helps us find out about it!

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