Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inadvertent Advertising

I'm sure this is completely inadvertent, but this email advertised an event I wouldn't have known about otherwise.  The protest?  No, the event they're protesting!  I had no idea that anyone had the guts to keep up the tradition!

Date: Wed, Sep 30, 2009 at 1:04 PM
Subject: Co-Sponsoring the protest of the Chief's "Next Dance"

Our lovely Activists,

Last night at our weekly Amnesty International meeting we voted on whether or
not we should sponsor the rally that will be happening Friday, in protest of the
Chief's "Next Dance".

Here is the information that was sent to us form I-Resist:

"In March of 2007, the University of Illinois formally retired the "Chief Illiniwek"
mascot as its symbol. Nonetheless, "Students for Chief Illiniwek" has continued
to revisit the Chief issue by hosting an event known as "The Next Dance" that
will occur at Assembly Hall on Oct. 2nd at 7pm.

In response to the continued efforts to host a violent and abusive mascot on
our campus, The I-Resist Coalition and MEChA de UIUC are organizing
educational demonstrations to occur this week. We are hosting two events,
Deconstructing the Mascot and Not Our Mascot Rally during the week of "The
Next Dance" in order to educate and mobilize the community to reject the
former mascot and the racial stereotypes it perpetuates."

Since Amnesty International is officially co-sponsoring this event, we highly
encourage you to participate in  following according to your interests. Also, you
will notice that the rally is during the HAPPY HOUR we planned for Friday. We
will reschedule HAPPY HOUR for another time in the near future.

"Deconstructing the Mascot"
Wednesday, Sept. 30th
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Illini Union Room 314
We will show the documentary "In Whose Honor?" which highlights the
movement to retire the mascot, followed by video clips from last year's protest
of "The Next Dance". Afterwards, we will be hearing from Jay Rosenstein, the
director of the film, followed by questions and a discussion.

"Not Our Mascot Rally"
Friday, October 2nd
5:00 p.m.
Starts at Alma Mater

5:00 p.m. --- Meet at Alma Mater, march down Sixth Street towards Assembly
6:00 p.m. --- Rally in front of Assembly Hall
7:00 p.m. --- Press Release with speakers from Coalition and co-sponsors
7:30 p.m. --- Open mic
8:15 p.m. --- Conclude with rally as spectators exit Assembly Hall

On Friday, we will open up our campus as a space for political expression
against racism by hosting a march from the Alma Mater to Assembly Hall, and
then holding a rally at "The Next Dance" event with speakers from the coalition
and its co-sponsors.

One last note:
I-Resist also encourages all students, teaching assistants, and faculty to engage
the mascot issue during the week of September 28th, 2009. Make this a
"Teachable Moment". All students should also obtain your Free tickets to go
inside the Assembly Hall for the event. Tickets are available at the Illini Union
across the hotel check-in window. We want everyone to have the opportunity
to witness for themselves what this event is about. But most of all, use your
Freedom of Speech regarding this issue, in multiple contexts and locations...

For more information about the issue, please visit:

SORRY this was such a long email!
We hope to see you all at the rally!
Caitlin and Brad

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