Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hell will be the first place that some will get their deepest wish met.  It'll be the first time they'll be able to completely flee from the one they've been running from their whole lives: God. 

Tonight at Bible study we were talking about the verse where Jesus says "apart from me, you can do nothing."  What does this mean?  Someone asked.  One person mentioned that a lot of people in the world do amazing things, but if they never choose to do anything for Christ, what is all the rest of the stuff worth?  Another person explained that everything good on earth comes from God, so whatever good thing the Christian or non-Christian enjoys here, they're able to enjoy because of Christ.  And this is true whether or not they give Him credit, for "the earth is the Lord's, and all that's in it"!

On earth, I've tried fleeing from God.  This running from Him can happen in a lot of ways.  Sometimes it's when I overindulge on some pleasure (like eating cashews), and try to shut everything else out, even thankfulness to God.  Sometimes it's when I've selfishly wanted something, and even when praying, told God I wanted it (Mr. Price to win the gubanatorial race) even if it wasn't in His will.  Other times it's avoiding even looking at my Bible.  I know that I should read it, but I try, try, try to forget it!  Or there's the times when I know disctinctly that I should be giving someone a hug, or starting a conversation, or sending an email.  And I intentionally do not.

In those moments, I think that I'm savoring the stuff of life: tasty food, victory, personal time, and person space.  But in reality, I inevitably come to realize that I'm blocking out what God wanted me to live: food within limits, trusting Him, living with His sense of time, and surrendering everything to Him.

I'm person who sometimes thinks that premarital sex with worldly ideas is freeing, when in God's truth, it's marriage to Him that's freeing!

Thank you for Your Hope, Jesus!!!!

(Originally written 7/13/09)

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