Thursday, July 15, 2010

Not all will agree...

Ha!  Not everyone agrees with my assessment:

"In a questionable casting move, James Caviezel stars as Six, while the more appropriate Sir Ian McKellen plays the nefarious role of Two."
(From The New York Observer, January 7, 2009).

What's also funny-sad is the general misunderstanding of the original series. For example:
"The original series, co-created by Patrick McGoohan, was influenced by Cold War politics. The new version, produced by Trevor Hopkins ('Dracula'), reflects 21st Century issues, such as liberty, security and surveillance, while keeping the original's paranoid, tense tone."
(From the Los Angeles Times, January 8, 2009).
(To say that the original series "was influenced by Cold War politics" and leave it at that sounds like a write-off.  You need to explain what that means. And hold it: you don't think the original series touched on liberty, security, or surveillance?  Did you even watch the original series?

(Originally written 3/29/09)

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