Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Coat Hanger

This is an article my mom recently submitted to her local newspaper.  As Dinesh D'Souza says, one extremely effective strategy is to reiterate a person's argument back to them, and ask "Is this what you believe?"  The question here is "Are you really interested in women's health?"

Dear Editor:

I just read a report  that  a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Indianapolis received a reprimand in August 2008 by Dr. Judith Monroe, State Health Commissioner, over 278 improperly filed Terminated Pregnancy Reports submitted to the Indiana State Department of Health in 2007.

As part of the reprimand, Dr. Monroe reportedly warned that any future Terminated Pregnancy Reports that are improperly filed will be referred to the office of  Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi for further action.

Indiana Code 16-34-2-5 outlines the requirements for the reporting of abortions in Indiana and clarifies that failure to properly file a Terminated Pregnancy Report is a Class B misdemeanor.  When any abortion clinic fails to list the age of the female on which the abortion is done, questions must be raised by state officials over whether such omissions are done to cover up child sexual abuse.

The Planned Parenthood of Indiana clinic receiving the warning is the same clinic embroiled in a grand jury investigation into whether criminal activity was committed when a female claiming to be 13-years-old and pregnant by a 31-year-old man was told by a Planned Parenthood employee on undercover video that she didn't care how old the father is.

"Abortion clinics are not above the law," says Mike Fichter, the Director of Indiana Right to Life.  "If they refuse to comply with the clear requirements of Indiana Code, their license to operate should be revoked."

It would seem to me that the people who do not want to go back to what they call the  "coat hanger" days of abortion should  be the ones most for the clinics being held to strict standards of accountability.  There is no difference in taking a young girl to a seedy pretend doctor's house to get an illegal abortion than there is in taking a young girl to a seedy law breaking Planned Parenthood clinic.  Anyone who is pro-abortion must face the facts that women's health is the issue here.  Do you want women to be protected from money fiends willing to kill innocent human life for a buck or not?  Legalized abortion has aided the incestor, the rapist, and the so called boy friend who does not want to take responsibility for abusing a girl's trust in him.  At the very least complete records should be mandated and clinics that do not comply immediately closed down, otherwise you can hang the coat hanger over the door.

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