Friday, January 02, 2009

What, Lord?

What, Lord?  Does my time with my friends glorify You?  Do our conversations magnify You?  Am I using Your time like I should?  I just got done playing Munchkins and making s'mores at a friend's house.  I came away feeling really very empty.  I feel like the game glorified "stabbing your buddy," and the better you were at messing up your neighbor, the better you did in the game.  Now hear me out: I'm not into PC "everybody's a winner" games.  But at the same time, I've got to ask myself why some games glorify underhandeness.  I enjoy games like Dutch Blitz and Spoons, and I'm definitely all for competition.  It's the deceitfulness in some games, or the rewards for slyly pulling the shades down over your neighbor that make me turn away.
     Also, I feel like the conversation tonight trickled down to zero because we were all so set on besting our buddies.  Maybe I'm just getting to be a bored old hag in my old age, but some games fire me up and make me laugh with the people I'm playing with (like Catch Phrase with the fam over Christmas), while other games (and these are the ones I'm learning to hate) encourage me to hunker down, stare at my cards, and cast my beady eyes over my fellows only to decide which one I should cast a curse upon.
     I only get so much time down here.  And from here on out, I want every game I play to be glorifying to God: not an exercise in greed that leaves me feeling empty and asking God for forgiveness when the game is done.

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