Thursday, January 08, 2009

Immerse yourself in science, and pay out the nose at the same time!

I just received an email about a three-day "Bioimmersion" course to learn scientific terms and processes.  It's being marketed to a broad range of professionals, including attorneys, biotech sales associates, real estate representatives, and university administrators.  These lucky suckers will learn about immunology, DNA basics, cell signaling, and cancer.  And you too can share this experience -- for just $1,345. 

Of course, you could just save the money it would cost to stay at the Marriot.  You could stay in your apartment and browse wikipedia for three days.  You'd come away with the same information as if you'd been "bioimmersed," and have a bonus dose of knowledge about platypusses, Aztec art, sleepwalking ethics, and whatever else distracted you during that time.

But don't let me keep you from attending.  After all, when you immerse yourself in water, you usually do blow out your nose to seal it.

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