Saturday, January 10, 2009

Notes from Grandpa

These were some notes from my Grandpa that my aunt recently found in a Bible. My mom typed them in and sent them to me. Under the list of names, she wrote "These are men I know dad admired. Mr. Ketcherside married Mom and Dad."

Struggle between those who accept God and those who do not.

Einstein once observed that if he was able to advance the horizon of science it was only because he could stand on the shoulders of giants.

E.M. Zerr
W. Carl Ketcherside
Hershel Ottwell

Elijah found out that 7000 (underlined twice) had not bowed the knee to Baal.

June issue Readers Digest
Robert Novak

"I was wrong about communism and so are all those who deny God's Power in History"
Communism in our time was the culmination of the notion that man could direct his own affairs without recourse to God.

Whittaker Chambers in 1953 wrote a book entitled "Witness" concluded that the struggle on earth was between those who accepted God and those who did not. For those who did not, Communism was not the only path, but it was the most effective means of making it clear that man can rule without God, and without God the challenge to communism is sterile. Chambers rejected communism and accepted Christianity with the conscious conclusion that he was switching from the winning to the losing side in the present world.

Bejing Tinneman Square
Ceausescu in Romania
Berlin Wall
thought control

Gorbachev's mistake may have been divinely inspired
the apparatus of social engineering
the whole rotten edifice began to crumble

[NOTE: Grandpa has the following in big letters and underlined:]


Many of us lacked faith that Divine Power is overseeing this epochal struggle. Light is beginning to break through the darkness

Gamaliel Acts 5:38-39

Look, the fields are ready for the harvest
The wall has come down
Where there was darkness
now there is light.

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