Thursday, January 08, 2009

You've just described my inmost thoughts

Boy, oh boy.  I open the book "Working Knights," and I see a passage that says:
"I never cared much for alcohol.  I never used drugs.  I have smoked one or two cigars, but no cigarettes. I have been enthralled by one woman my entire adult life.   But I have an addiction and it's to stories and the books where they are found.  I walk through bookstores like some people linger before jewelry cases.  I buy far too many books, because borrowing them isn't enough.  I have always been this way.  I have always needed more stories, more words, more insights.  Looking back, I have been reading poetry and novels and everything else since I can remember.  And the only pain I feel in the presence of books is that there are so many that I will never read in this life."

It's always eerie to me when someone describes something so exactly that I sit and wonder "you mean, I'm not the only one?"  (I had a similar experience when I read parts of Barry Goldwater's book, too!)  I love stories.  I love hearing them, telling them, reading them, ending them with my own endings if the original one isn't what I think it should be.  And yes, I try never to think about the books I'll never read.  It's a painful topic.  But y'know, I hear there's a library in Heaven...

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