Friday, January 02, 2009

What a break!

Lest I misrepresent my state of mind, let me just say that I had an INCREDIBLY awesome break.  Here's jes' a few of them thar highlights:

Watching a puppet show starring my three youngest cousins (an Elvis doll and singing Christmas tree stole the show!  There were dancing puppets, a puppet allergic to the word "Christmas," and a puppet who thought that "Hark the Herald Angels Sing" was actually "Honk the Harley Angels Sing.")

Catch Phrase with the fam (I have never in my life tried so hard to explain anything!)

Getting a book on jungle first aid from my brother and his wife (the note on the package was the neatest thing ever!)

Watching Tarzan with Mom (My favorite character was Cheetah, who can't be trusted with cold cream or powderpuffs!)

Seeing all my family together (A rare treat to be relished!)

Hugging my dad and mom (And knowing that they love me and I love them)

Looking at history in pictures with Grandma and Mom (And playing the game "who do y'know in this picture?")

Driving down the highway (In the pouring rain with three fun passengers who think you know what you're doing!)

Painting on a wall (And not getting in trouble for it!)

Getting some fun projects done (And finding out that after the usual research, everything seems easier.  Not only that, but everything you do is research).

Talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking with family (And catching up with what everyone else has been doing!)

Hearing my uncle talk about how Deuteronomy applies to so many different areas of life today (And smiling up and God, and realizing how expansive He and His ideas are!)

Eating dinner with my mom, dad, and sister at home! (And rediscovering meals with -- people!)

Watching Superman with Mom, my sister, and her boyfriend (Groaning or hurrahing at every turn of the plot, mood, or earth's orbit!)

Taking dictation from my 7-year old cousin (On what games to play, what questions to ask, and which teams should be formed!)

Rediscovering Elisabeth Elliot (And her book Passion and Purity)

Finding that my family is not just a family, but also my dearest friends.

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