Friday, November 13, 2009

Bread & Circuses vs. Cash for Clunkers

Chip-off-the-ol' block, like-father-like-son, all that stuff.  Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, is running for office.  No, not president -- yet.  U.S. Senate.  Kentucky, here's your chance!  Rand, like his father, is a medical doctor (an ophthalmologist, in fact).  But there are some differences between Rand and Ron!  Here's a few soundbites from Rand's recent interview:

Washington Wire: Are there any areas where you disagree with your father's views on issues?
Paul: There are some minor areas where we disagree. One is on taking the pledge not to put earmarks in bills. He's probably the most fiscally conservative member of the House, but he's just taken the position that when his constituents ask for a particular road or museum, he puts them through. I think the whole system is broken down, and it's my opinion that we shouldn't put earmarks on bills.

Washington Wire: How do you talk about the economy on the campaign trail?
Paul: I see us in the latter stages of the Roman empire, when you have bread and circuses to placate the mob. But in our current society, we have Cash for Clunkers and the stimulus package. And the mantra we get from Washington is this soothing George Carlin voice that says, 'You just need to go to the mall and spend your checks.' But nobody believes that.

Washington Wire: I see.
Paul: I think there's a danger that we could destroy our currency and be like 1923 in Germany, with the Weimar currency, with money in wheelbarrows. Germany was a civilized country in Europe, and they destroyed their currency and then elected Hitler, so things have happened before and they could happen again.

Woah!  I certainly hadn't made the connection between bread and circuses and Cash for Clunkers!  All the best, Rand!  God be with you.

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