Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mighty Mouse

I saw an article about the police sergeant who brought down the gunman at Fort Hood.  Her nickname was also Mighty Mouse!

"Sergeant Munley began her career as a police officer in the beachside town of Wrightsville, N.C., after graduating from high school in nearby Wilmington. She quickly earned a reputation for fearlessness, despite her stature. (She stands 5-foot-4.)

Her partner in Wrightsville, Investigator Shaun Appler, recalled how Sergeant Munley saved him one night when she wrestled a large man off him after the man had pinned him down and was trying to take his gun. She earned the nickname Mighty Mouse for that, he said.

'She's a ball of fire,' Mr. Appler said. 'She's a real good cop.'"

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