Saturday, November 07, 2009

H.R. 3962 in a Vain Corset

There are 435 U.S. Representatives. Since half of that number is 217.5, at least 218 representatives are needed for a simple majority. (Why, or why, as Martin would say, wasn't a 2/3 majority instituted?). There are 177 Republicans, and all are expected to vote no. This means that if 41 democrats defect, the bill will fail.

I just heard about the Blue Dog Coalition. This is a group of fifty-two democratic U.S. Representatives who *say* they are dedicated to fiscally conservativism. Their website reminds us that the federal deficit is currently at $11,226,807,380,955.11, and your individual share in that debt is $36,683.01. Given their touted devotion to financial responsibility, I took it for granted that they would stand against the over 1 trillion dollar monstrosity that is H.R. 3962. No such luck:
"Matheson Statement on Senate Health Care Reform Legislation

Washington, DC - Today, Representative Jim Matheson (D-UT), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications, issued the following statement on health care reform legislation being considered by the Senate Finance Committee.

'While having only seen top line numbers and acknowledging that is still a significant overall cost, I am encouraged that the Senate Finance Committee has produced health care reform legislation that cuts the U.S. budget deficit. As the President has said, our health care problem is our deficit problem, and as Blue Dogs we are committed to ensuring that legislation in the House is not only deficit neutral, but contains costs and is fiscally responsible over the long term.”
This is about as reassuring as if he'd said, "Well, she's still weighs in at 1800 pounds, but we're confident in our vote for her as the next Miss America, because she said she's going to cut down on jelly beans." H.R. 3962 is fiscal madness, and any efforts to display her in a corset are not only vain and disgusting, but ludicrously doomed.

Fortunately, even if (God-forbid) this bill passes, it still has to go to the Senate.

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