Friday, November 06, 2009

One pink, One blue

I just left a talk.
The speaker uses human embryonic stem cells.
I know because another professor asked if they were mice, and the speaker said, no, they're human.

Twice he showed us pictures of human embryonic stem cells.
At one point he said "Stem cells are cool."  He caught himself and said "But not because they're from an embryo."

Part of his work is to compare human embryonic stem cells with immortalized pluripotent stem cells from somatic tissues.
He mentioned that the immortalized pluripotent stem cells are great because they have the same genome as the donor, so they avoid any immunological issues.  They also avoid the ethical issues.

Obviously, he doesn't have ethical issues with using human embryonic stem cells, though.
He uses them.

He uses two strains of human embryonic stem cells: H1 and H9.
One male, and one female.
Yeah, that's what he said.

One male and one female.

What graph is worth the lives of two innocent, unasked people?

If I took your friend Tyler and your friend Natasha and said they had to die so I could plot some points, would you consent?

I sat there stunned.  I left, because I felt like continuing to look at that plot would be just the same as perusing the data that the Nazis derived from the prisoners they tortured.

Who would attend a lecture that highlighted Mengele's work?
And yet we were all sitting there, drinking in his work.

Jesus heard the cry of those two children's souls as they died, just as He heard the cry of Abel, the first person murdered.
There is blood in our land.

This is already the third talk I've heard on this campus that involves human embryonic stem cells. The evil of infanticide is growing in this country.

I'm praying that the Lord's will be done in this country.
We are mutilating and sacrificing children on the twin altars of science and convenience.

We have GOT to turn away from this evil!

This is evil.
Nonchalant, but this is evil.

For the first time I see how evil.

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