Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letters to Ms. Blanche Lincoln and Ms. Mary Landrieu

Hi, Ms. Lincoln!
I encourage you to consider a third option in this healthcare debate.  I'm studying to be a doctor, and this topic hits home for me.  I know that health decisions are best handled on a person-to-person scale, not determined by a third-payer system whose bottom line is cost.  This is true whether that third-payer is an insurance company, or a government agency.  

In the debate today, I know both of us have heard many concerning stories about insurance companies making decisions about who receives care at what level, and who does not.  These decisions should not be made by an insurance company, or, I believe, anyone except the patient and his/her doctor.

I urge you to reconsider your stance on the vote on the healthcare cloture measure, and support a third-way -- a way that reaffirms the personal, patient-doctor decision-making process.

Yours respectfully,

Hi, Ms. Landrieu!
There's a third-way in this healthcare debate that as a medical student I urge you to consider.  

Much has been said about the failure of insurance companies, and the pain they have inflicted on families.  I firmly believe that the fundamental flaw in the idea of medical insurance is that inserts a third-payer into what should be a person-to-person decision between a patient and his/her doctor.

Please reconsider your stance, and instead of submitting one third-payer (a government agency) for a previous third-payer (an insurance company), fight to reaffirm the patient-physician decision-making process.

Yours respectfully,

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