Saturday, November 21, 2009

Letter to Mr. Evan Bayh

Hi, Mr. Bayh!
I am glad to see your interest in healthcare.  As a med student, healthcare is something I think about quite a bit, as well!
I urge you to withdraw your support for this bill and the closure measure that's currently being debated.  Two of the things basic to medical care are: 1) properly diagnosing a patient's problem, and 2) prescribing the correct treatment for the problem.  Mr. Reid's bill does not do either of these things for the American public when it comes to healthcare, and that is why I urge you to withdraw your support of it.

Both of us, knowing Indiana, know the importance of small communities and the relationships in small communities.  If the third-payer system of insurance was completely eliminated, and the doctor-patient relationship was restored, I believe you and I would see a tremendous change for the better.

Yours respectfully,

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