Tuesday, December 08, 2009

CMDA, A Love Note

(David Noebel from Summit often jokes about writing "love notes" -- notes to representatives, senators, editors, etc. that express your thoughts on some topic.  I've written several of these note to Evan Bayh lately.  What a relief to write one where I actually agreed with the group I was writing to!

"Thank you for standing strong by Christ's power!  Your organization has encouraged me so much by consistently standing on the authority of God's Word as you decide positions on what the world terms "controversial issues."  (They, of course, aren't controversial to God!)  Your informational page on the health care debate is invaluable.  Every contact with CMDA has strengthened my faith, whether it reading is the book Jesus, MD, attending a local meeting of Christian doctors, receiving email updates on upcoming bills in Congress, or browsing the CMDA webage.  Your organization is a bright, bright light in a dark world!  God bless you all!"

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