Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Loud boiling test tubes!

Over Thanksgiving, my dad's cousin passed away.  He was younger than Dad, and even though he and his wife were trained as nurse anesthesiologists, there was no warning even they could detect before a heart attack took him.  Seeing his wife and daughters mourn for him was very sad, and you could see the strain on his sisters and parents.  Mom had brought some pictures of a roadtrip Dad and Rick took when they were college-age.  Even though I didn't remember this cousin beyond my parents' memories of him, I could see his sense of humor in the pictures on display and the stories of my Dad and his growing-up together.  One photo showed him and his wife posing in farm regalia complete with a pitchfork to model American Gothic.  And Dad told me about their pretending to have bratty kids in the back of the car that they had to swat to keep in line!  It was horrible to think about his being ripped away from this life, but even though he had gone to be with God, his life continued to be an amazing testimony.  Not One of the songs we sang had the verse shown below.  (My mom copied it down and then found it on the Internet):

Earth & all Stars by Herbert F. Brokering

Classrooms and Labs!
Loud Boiling test tubes!
Sing to the Lord a new song!
Athlete and band!
Loud cheering people!
Sing to the Lord a new song!

He has done marvelous things.
I too will praise Him with a new song!

There's two things I really appreciated about this song.  First, it showed that a life lived for God isn't confined to a building with a spire or an altar.  Next, I saw a connection point in the mention of chemistry.  You see, my dad's a chemist.  Even though Dad and his cousin never got to say goodbye, even in the music at his funeral, there was a connection point between Dad and Rick.  God's like that, isn't he?  When we open up our hearts to Him, He has so many ways of ministering to us.  Praise you, God.

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