Monday, March 22, 2010

If abortion is healthcare, then slavery is team-building

The director of the Reproductive Rights Project claims that opponents are lying about the actual contents of HR 6205, "The Reproductive Health and Access Act."  For an idea of what this director is taking exception to, take a look at what a representative from Americans United for Life said in opposition to the bill.  Of course, the question finally comes down -- what's the bill actually say?

 Section 15. Prohibition of interference.
10     (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act or any
11 other law to the contrary, the State of Illinois, any
12 municipality, county, township, school district, or other
13 political subdivision of the State, or any agency, department,
14 or division of any governmental entity shall not:
15         (1) deny or interfere with an individual's right to use
16     or refuse contraception; ..
17         (2) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman's right to
18     bear a child;
19         (3) deny or interfere with a pregnant woman's right to
20     terminate a pregnancy: (i) prior to the viability of the
21     fetus or (ii) when the abortion is necessary to protect the
22     life or health of the pregnant woman; or
23         (4) require any woman to terminate pregnancy without
24     her consent.

Good night!  I wish some of these pro-aborts would get excited about something that actually improved people's health -- like toothpaste!  We'd see NOW converted into a group of toothbrush-wielding women saying "No one's gonna stand between me and my rights!"  Yeah, that'd be the day.  Instead, they've jumped onto the band-wagon of not only making up a fake right to abortion, but trying to force others to pay for these abortions, penalizing doctors who don't, and protecting quacks who perform abortions from even the thought of a malpractice suit.  Oh yeah, but it's all about women's health.  I keep forgetting.

BTW -- I think it's time to invest in some t-shirts that say "abortion isn't healthcare."  'Cause if abortion is healthcare, then slavery is team-building.

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