Friday, March 19, 2010

Letter to Mr. Allen Boyd

Hi, Mr. Boyd
I urge you to rescind your decision, and vote NO on the health care bill.  You and I have been born and raised in a country that values freedom.  I'm sure that both of us want future generations to enjoy the kind of freedom we've enjoyed, too.  While it may seem that the best way to protect health is to let the government handle health care, let's look at the example in the world of technology.  A computer was once the size of a house and cost $100,000.  Now one costs less than $10 and you and I have one in our cell phones!  The freedom and competition that drove down the cost of computers while increasing their features can improve health care today.  The answer is not in taking decisions away from everyday people like you and me, but by increasing our ability to make decisions about things that affect us, especially in issues as personal as health.  Please vote for freedom.  Please vote NO on the health care bill.

_________, medical student

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