Saturday, March 13, 2010

Med School Discrimination

From appearances, it seemed to me as if med schools were practicing "affirmative action" (i.e. discrimination), and Mona Charen confirms this in her latest article at National Review:

"Of course, medical and dental schools have been practicing affirmative action for decades, but they've had trouble recruiting large numbers of minorities. Part of the problem is that African-Americans do not tend to gravitate to math and science (the solution to which is to be found in families and schools). Still, for the past few decades, less qualified minorities have been offered spots in medical schools, with the result that: 1) those minority professionals who would have qualified without affirmative action bear a stigma, and 2) less qualified minority graduates fail licensing exams at much higher rates than their classmates. Is it a service to the African-American or Hispanic communities to provide them with physicians and dentists who are less capable than others? Will it improve health outcomes for them to be treated by less qualified professionals?"

Like Mom and Dad were telling me last night, this quotas thing is going to be engrained in law if the healthcare bill passes.  Triple UGH!

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